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S. Collie and M. Gerritsen, Sail flow modeling in Fluent: which turbulence models to use?,  ANZIAM 2000 Conference, Whaitangi, New Zealand, 2000


C. Douillet and M. Gerritsen, Solving the Incompressible Navier-Stokes and turbulence equations on a 2D mast & sail section, ANZIAM 2000 conference, Whaitangi, New Zealand, 2000


S. Collie and M.Gerritsen, A Review of Turbulence Modelling for use in Sail Flow Analysis, School of Engineering Report 123, Auckland University, 2001


T. Doyle, M. Gerritsen, G. Iaccarino and P. Moin, Sail Optimization for a Modern Clipper Yacht, American Physical Society Annual Conference, Dallas, 2002


A. Crook, M. Gerritsen, N.N. Mansour, "An experimental investigation of high aspect ratio 2D sails", CTR Annual Research Brief, 2002


T. Doyle, G. Iaccarino and M. Gerritsen, "Sail Optimization for the Maltese Falcon Clipper Yacht", in proceedings, HISWA 2002 conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2002


S. Collie, M. Gerritsen and M. O'Sullivan, "Numerical Simulation of the Turbulent Flow past Upwind Yacht Sails", submitted to Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics


S. Collie, M. Gerritsen and P. Jackson, "'Design of Two-Dimensional Downwind Sail Sections Using Computational Fluid Dynamics", in Journal of Small Craft Technology, RINA


T. Doyle, M. Gerritsen, G. Iaccarino, "Towards an Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Yacht Sails", CTR Annual Research Brief, 2002


T. Doyle, S. Shankaran, M. Gerritsen, G. Iaccarino and A. Jameson, "Improving the design of yachts using CFD and optimization algorithms", in proceedings High Performance Yacht Design Conference 2002, Auckland, NZ, 2002


Sriram, A. Jameson, M. Gerritsen, Numerical Analysis and Design of Upwind Sails, 21st AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, Orlando, Florida, 2003







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